"After my spinal   
cord injury...
in 1999, everything became
much harder.  In addition to
actual work and business,
life itself became constant
work.  You learn real fast that
if you don't step up to the
plate to face the challenges
and fears, that you're gonna
fall hard - hard and fast.  
While some basic activities
of daily living take longer
than they used to, with a little
extra effort, the challenges
can still be overcome."
President of
Middle Georgia Management
Kidd & Associates
After graduating from college, Rusty was a
banker in Florida for two years before accepting
a position as Director of Legislative Activities for
the Medical Association of Georgia (MAG),
where every year until his departure, MAG was
named one of the most powerful political
associations of Georgia.

In the mid 1980's Rusty opened
Quick Loans, an
insurance company which made small loans and
sold insurance in Middle Georgia.  One office
quickly became eight, all within a 60 mile radius
of Milledgeville.  In 1994 after his father's death,
Quick Loans was merged into
Middle Georgia
, now with seventeen offices in
Middle Georgia.  All of this was done while Rusty
still maintained what many would call the number
one governmental consulting firm in the state.

Middle Georgia Management now employs over
55 people throughout middle Georgia with an
annual payroll just shy of two million dollars.
Rusty with long time employees, turned family,
Reba Webb and Gladys Densley.