Georgia House of Representatives, District 141 (Baldwin County)
"Georgians deserve a
representative who
makes decisions
based on what's best
for the constituents,
not what best serves
his political
Edwards Culver Kidd, III
(From Nelson Mullins, Jan. 13, 2010)

HB 913 – Rep. Rusty Kidd (I-Milledgeville) authored changes to Chapter 2 of Title 21 in an effort to
permit nonpartisan elections of sheriffs.  

HB 914 – Rep. Rusty Kidd (I-Milledgeville) introduced a change to O.C.G.A. § 40-2-9 to require that
all license plates contain a space for and carry a county name decal, including any distinctive or
prestige car tag.

HB 915 – Rep. Rusty Kidd (I-Milledgeville) also authored this Bill changing the definition of "taxable
nonresident" in O.C.G.A. § 48-7-1(11) when computing income taxes.  It would add at (ii) that:

Every individual who is not otherwise a resident of this state for income tax purposes and who
regularly or casually or intermittently engages within this state, by himself or herself, in professional
sports, performing arts, or entertainment for financial gain or profit.  "Taxable nonresident" does not
include a legal resident of another state whose only activity for financial gain or profit in this state
consists of performing services as a sports professional, performing artist, or entertainer in this state
for an employer as an employee when the remuneration for the services does not exceed the lesser
of five percent of the income received by the person for performing services as a sports
professional, performing artist, or entertainer in all places during any taxable year or $5,000.00.

This change would apply to all tax years beginning on or after January 1, 2010 if enacted.

HB 918 – Rep. Rusty Kidd (I-Milledgeville) proposed this Bill amending Georgia's Tax Code to offer
another idea on helping the current State Budget woes.  This proposal would allow for a temporary
tax increase in the rate of Georgia's sales and use taxation (to six percent) for a time until the
Governor certifies that other State revenues have reached a certain level (it would end 90 days after
the end of the State's fiscal year when the Governor would issue his or her certification that State
revenues are equal to or greater than the State revenues for the fiscal year ending June 30, 2006).

HB 919 – Rep. Rusty Kidd (I-Milledgeville) proposed amendments to the State Ethics Laws by
providing that lobbyist expenditure for the benefit of elected State officials and members of the
General Assembly not be subject to lobbyist reporting; rather, he proposes that elected State
officials and members of the General Assembly be required to report lobbyist expenditures for their
benefit. This change would be added at O.C.G.A. § 21-5-73.1.

HR 1090 – Rep. Rusty Kidd (I-Milledgeville) introduced this Constitutional Amendment at Article V,
Section I of the Constitution by amending Paragraph I.  The intent is that no Governor would
succeed himself or herself and that the term of Governor would be thus limited to one six-year term
of office.  
"In the same week he
passed his first piece of
legislation, state Rep. Rusty
Kidd took the well to
admonish state lawmakers
on Department of
Behavioral Health and
Developmental Disabilities
official’s handling of the
closing of Adult Mental
Health Services program
and the Powell Building at
Central State. "
Rusty giving Speaker of the House, David
Ralston, a Southern sombrero on the last day
of the 2010 session.
As an Independent, Rusty can work with both
Republicans (Terry Bernard on the left) and
Democrats (Alan Powell on the right).