Beliefs and Committments
Stem Cell Research
Economic Stimulus
Gun Control
State-wide Priorities

Taxes - Alcohol & tobacco taxes, etc. If the public demands more services, then the State and County must raise
taxes, find a new source of revenue or cut or streamline existing services. Property taxes should reflect the value of the
property – If value goes down so should the tax. If the value of property goes up substantially, only when it is sold
should the property tax be raised.

Economic Stimulus - I agree our country needed some stimulus to jump start our economy. However, I believe the
millions of dollars passed down could have been distributed, say $5000 to all taxpayers who would use it to purchase
goods, thus fewer people losing jobs.

Stem Cell Research - Scientific researchers believe stem cells could be the cure for childhood diabetes, Alzheimer’s,
Parkinson's, spinal cord paralysis and many other health related problems. This research can be done safely using
various types of stem cells, while insuring that they will not be used for cloning or other genetically altering purposes.

Healthcare - Healthcare is one of the most costly issues a family or business will have to deal with. The cost seems to
get higher every year. The premiums I pay for the 52 families that work in my corporation are now $27,000 a month.  
Your elected officials must come up with a way to insure you have the right to go to your doctor of choice, while at the
same time maintain costs. Some incentive needs to be put into place that rewards those who do not get sick and who
do not go to the hospital. Hence an overall cost saving.

Unemployment/Jobs - Baldwin County in the past 12 months has lost roughly 3000 jobs. The Mayor, City Council,
County Commissioner, State Senate and I, as your State Representative, must come together and reach out to
business interest in other States and lure them to Baldwin County.

Education - Proper grammar and a high school education is a must for our children. Without at least a high school
education, employment potential is meager. More emphasis needs to be put on technical schools training young adults
in vocational skills, hence a better chance to secure good jobs.

Gun Control - The U.S. Constitution states that everyone has the right to bear arms. I agree.

Bipartisanship - Today, here in Georgia, there is good reason not to be a Republican and good reason not to be a
Democrat. Main stream Georgians basically agree on all major issues. While both Democrats and Republicans have a
few members who are far to the right or far to the left, I am a Georgian first and foremost and will represent mainstream
Georgians. Sometimes voting on a Republican issue, sometimes voting on a Democratic issue. Personally, I wish one
did not have to declare Democrat or Republican to enter the primary election.
"One person cannot do it all.  
But in fact, one person
make a difference.  I will use
all my insights learned from
36 years as a governmental
consultant to join together
with other legislators and
citizens in the community to
help meet the needs of
Baldwin County -
this I promise."